Adidas Originals NYFW Presentation

Can we take a moment to appreciate the pure luxe-ness and 🔥 of this adidas Originals collection! It was created by Amsterdam fashion institute student, Daniëlle Cathari and we love her take on the brand’s aesthetic and image. She even held a open street casting call last week to have unique women modeling the clothes.

Screenshot-2018-2-8 adidas Originals Wants You to Model in Its New York Fashion Week Show

The collection featured bold colors accompanied by adidas Originals’ signatures three stripes and logo. All of the pieces are laid back, but can easily be dressed up if styled correctly. Athleisure chic is definitely a trend that has been around for a few years now and it’s not giving any indication that it’s slowing down.

The way the collection was presented was so unique. All of the models were basically hanging out on a scaffold, jungle gym-like structure and there was a swing! (*reminisces about childhood). It was such a different way to present the collection and its definitely a lot more interesting than a fashion show. Hopefully more designers move away from the traditional fashion show format so they can implement something eye-catching and memorable.

Here’s some of the look from the adidas Originals NYFW Presentation show! The collection will be available for online purchase on February 10th in the U.S. on their

🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

Screenshot (36)
Image Source: @laurenegg & aemiliafay Instagram
Screenshot (37)
Image Source: @laurenegg & aemiliafay Instagram
Screenshot (38)
Image Source: @laurenegg & aemiliafay Instagram
Screenshot (39)
Image Source: @laurenegg & aemiliafay Instagram
Image Source: WWD/ Rex
Image Source: WWD/ Rex
Image Source: WWD/ Rex
Image Source: WWD/ Rex
Image Source: WWD/ Rex
Image Source: WWD/ Rex
Image Source: WWD/ Rex
Image Source: WWD/ Rex
Image Source: WWD/ Rex
Image Source: Kelly Taub BFA
Screenshot-2018-2-8 Sanne Poeze • GirlonKicks com ( girlonkicks) • Instagram photos and videos
Image Source: @adidasoriginals Instagram

Patiently waiting on this collection to drop like…



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1 comment on “Adidas Originals NYFW Presentation

  1. Great article… I can’t wait for the collection to drop either..


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